360 Building (Sunset Tower) on Fire

The old 360 building at Sunset + Vine is on fire. (I work in the building across the street.)

It’s a toxic smell and I think they are evacuating us pre-emptively since it looks like they’re closing down Sunset.

Update: We weren’t evacuated but because the fumes were being pumped through the infamous air-conditioner and many people were complaining about burning eyes, noses and throats, they had to cut the A/C. Our group got the OK to leave early. By the time I left the building, the fire was out. Kudos for LAFD for being so quick to respond. My co-workers who sit in the corner offices closest to the fire said that they as soon as they saw smoke and pondered calling 911, they already saw a chopper above and saw a fire engine responding.)

Pictures forthcoming below taken by me from inside my building. ::David Kurtz’s pictures from the roof here:: ::Story and photos from NBC4:: ::Official LAFD blog post::

@ 4:01:14 pm

Sunset Tower Fire @ 4:01:14 pm

(more in the extended entry)

@ 3:59:04 pm: Here’s the first picture I took; since I’m inside you can see the reflections of the lights in our ceiling.

Sunset Tower Fire @ 3:59:04 pm

@ 4:01:18 pm: Moved to another location on the same floor, but inside a co-worker’s office. I did not have a good view of the firefighters but I could see them entering the building, as well as other fire engines approaching on the street. I counted 9 fire trucks and various paramedic vehicles. Luckily, no one was injured.
Sunset Tower Fire @ 4:01:18 pm

@ 4:02:22 pm: The wind starts to pick up and blow the black smoke right at our building.
Sunset Tower Fire @ 4:02:22 pm

@ 4:04:18 pm
Sunset Tower Fire @ 4:04:18 pm

@ 4:36:58 pm: Taken from my car. Sunset is closed off at Argyle. Newsvans have converged (you can see the CBS2 newsvan in the very left of the image).
Sunset Tower Fire @ 4:36:58 pm

8 thoughts on “360 Building (Sunset Tower) on Fire”

  1. Nice photos. I’m busy with the conventional press and notification of officials at the moment, but will offer an official blog account later this evening.


  2. This thing has been an eyesore for years. I pass this ugly monster to and from work to get to the 101 vine exit every day. It has been boarded up and people have done big grafitti peices backwards on the insides of the glass windows. Recently it looks like they punched out big holes in the windows on all the floors to ventilate them, you could see white tubes sticking out. Lately big wooden baricades had gone up signaling some construction was going on so I bet the fire was related to this.

  3. I heard on the news (I’d rather get the REAL SCOOP from Brian Humphrey) that there was some “construction equipment” left on the roof that may have been related to the fire.

  4. isnt this the second fire there? Wasn’t it abandoned because of a prior fire?

    Someone should be hung by their toenails. Our dear firefighters are needed to stop the fires started by pyros in the hills.

  5. The building was abandoned following a significant electrical (transformer in or near the basement if I recall) fire in 2001 that left it unfit for occupancy. I have the details in our archives and will be pleased to post them if anyone expresses a desire.

    Thanks again to all who offered their personal commentary and posted photos of Tuesday’s fire.
    There are many angles to any emergency incident, and we encourage everyone to express their views and share their observations.

    By the way, is anyone going to moblog tomorrow’s Hope For Firefighters?


    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  6. A35MMLIFE: Yes, the reason the building was abandoned in the first place is that there was an electrical fire in the basement in something like November of 2002. Upon inspection following the incident it was determined that there were a number of code violations. Tenants vacated shortly thereafter. Equipment was left in the building because elevators weren’t working. Squatters showed up and grafitti appeared on the inside of the building. This is what I remember from conversations I had around that time. Yeah, it’s the second fire there. Don’t know if it’s still the same owners from a few years ago.

  7. I think CIM, they’re a big developer with major presence in Hollywood & downtown, bought this building a few years ago. They haven’t been able to do anything with it becuase of litigation.

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