Take A Hike (next in an occasional series)

It’s been awhile since I last posted a trek, but while waiting for the June gloom (May gray?) to burn off before going over to Westwood to pay my annual respects at the Los Angeles National Cemetery this Memorial Day, I figured I’d brag about the hike my fiancee and I made to Trail Canyon Falls in the Angeles National Forest above Sunland/Tujunga.

We’d first heard about Trail Canyon Trail via a feature on area waterfalls that I read in the Outdoors section of the L.A. Times a couple weeks back, and set out yesterday morning in search of the dramatic 50-foot curtain falls featured in the cover photo. The dirt road off Big Tujunga Canyon Road to the trailhead is easy to miss and we did by miles, but after doubling back we found roadside signage indicating its proximity. In a few more minutes we were parked, loaded up and heading out.

For being just a two-mile trek to the falls from the trailhead, this hike offers a wonderful variety of terrain and scenery. From several shady rock hops across Trail Canyon Creek beneath the tree canopy, to the marvelous vistas found after the climb up out of the canyon, there’s something for everyone out here. And the marvelous falls is a must-see highlight that’s defintely worth the trip รณ even if the bottom of the falls is accessible only via a semi-steep scramble down an overgrown singletrack, that splits off to the right.

Directions and other details after the jump. A closer pic I got of the falls can be found here on the Blogging.la Flickr photo pool (or click the image at right for a larger view).

How To Get There: 210 Freeway exit Sunland Blvd. (Thomas Guide p.503, E3: southbound 210 make a left from the offramp; northbound 210, make a right). East of the 210, Sunland shortly becomes Foothill Boulevard. Turn left from Foothill onto Oro Vista, which becomes Big Tunjunga Canyon Road. There isn’t much in the way of landmarks, just keep your eyes open a couple/three miles in for the Trail Canyon Trail dirt road turnoff on your left. If you get to Ottie Road you’ve gone too far; turn around. There’s signage indicating the Trail Canyon Trail Road heading back south.

Roundtrip distance: 4 miles. Elevation gain: 600 feet.

Of note: I’ll hold off spewing my disdain about the supreme bogusity of the Forest Service’s Adventure Pass program. All I’ll say is you’re required to purchase and display one in your vehicle when parking anywhere in the Angeles National Forest, and you can pick one up ($5 for a one-day pass; $30 for an annual) on the drive in at the 7-11 at the corner of Oro Vista and Foothill Boulevard.

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