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As you might know, local rockstar Dave Navarro fills a lot of his blog with answers to questions posted by his readers. One recently asked, considering the fact that he is a rock star and fairly well known “just how much did the drugs/addiction get into the way of your career and I guess life in general?” Dave’s response is pretty awesome. He says…

“This is a very interesting question. And as much as I see your point, I have to say a few things. My addiction to drugs played an enormous role in the demise of some of the projects I was involved in. I certainly contributed to the destruction of some really great things. Sure, some work got done, but the continuous struggle with day to day things, relationships and work load made for a very unhappy way to live out my dreams. I had a complete lack of spiritual connection, health problems and negativity within my personal life as well as my professional projects. I can see how from the outside looking in, things might have looked like they were all right. Work did get done, tours and lots of music, but the truth is that I can only imagine how much more would have gotten done without the drugs, as well as how much more I could have enjoyed it all. In addition, my romantic and family relationships suffered dramatically as well. Several overdoses, canceled shows and emotional wreckage. Hospitals, lost trust and faith… General indifference and insanity. Things were not just fine and dandy. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with some really great and inspiring people. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have been able to carry on alone. So now, years away from that life I really embrace the opportunities put in front of me. How did I do it? I allowed others to help me. Got off the drugs and began to embrace a spiritual way of life. There is obviously no one way to do this so I chose what worked best for me. I have never in my life been happier.”

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  1. That is so beautiful and inspiring…thanks for posting that Sean. It’s great when someone can lead by example as Dave Navarro is doing in that post.
    Now the question is….can I forward it to my heroin junkie ex-boyfriend in hopes of getting him to see the light?
    nah….he’d just think I was nagging him.
    Seriously though, thanks.

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