News Around Town

This week (well, every week recently) has been super chaotic and I haven’t had the time to post thing things I’ve been wanting two. Here’s three news entries that otherwise would have been their own posts but today will all be lumped into this one.

From The LA Times: A study of mothers who gave birth to boys in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Columbia, Mo. shows a disturbing trend of smaller than usual, um.. junk. This is being blamed on a handful of chemicals and explains the Hummer H2s parked all over here in LA. And just for the record, I was born in Washington D.C.

From The Longbeach Press Telegram: Some Christian Biker Gangs are Ganging up on Street Gangs to show them they are not welcome in their communities. Elder Claude Powe and his motorcycle posse and on the attack and he says “It’s going to take a community as a whole coming together as mothers and fathers and uncles and brothers and friends and neighbors to say, ‘Enough is enough,” – No word if Aunts or Sisters are to be included.

From The Daily Bulletin: (Who clearly wanted to distinguish themselves from the Press Telegram design wise) Some sort of committee is trying to decide where and how to have medical marijuana dispensaries which wouldn’t be too close to schools and would be welcomed by neighborhoods. As is non-medical marijuana isn’t already being dispensed in schools and welcomed by neighborhoods in LA.