Who is Blogebrity?

For just a minute, forget about whether Blogebrity.com was originally conceived as a contest entry or not. Whether there’s an elaborate plan in place or if this just snowballed into something much bigger than anyone ever imagined, the fact is that people want Blogebrity to be real. I think it’s clear that there’s a fair amount of interest in Kyle Bunch’s (and two others….see below) brainchild. How could there not be? Most bloggers love to be mentioned in other blogs; they crave traffic and check stats and scan Technorati to find out who else is talking about their website. I’ve been following this since Sean Bonner first posted the question which would echo throughout the blogosphere:

“Anyone know what this is about?”

Does Kyle Bunch even know?

Here’s what we do know:

– It’s (at least) loosely connected to The Gawp Network.

– It IS part of the Contagious Media contest, but contrary to what Dabitch over at AdLand says, I don’t see anything in the rules that states that the site must be a fake in order to compete. In fact, it specifically says: “You own your entry. You retain all rights to your entry.”

– It’s generating discussion on blogs all over the web, so it’s effectively gaining interest and links.

– A, B, and C lists? Brilliant.

– As Sean Bonner first speculated, Kyle Bunch is one of the people behind Blogebrity.

Kyle is no stranger to the world of blogging. He has his own site, but according to an old USA Today article, he’s also behind a USC fan blog called TrojanWire Further research pointed me to a Jason Calcanis post at The Nanopublishing Weblog to which Kyle Bunch replies, linking himself to The Edge City Chronicles. Not coincidentally, Edge City contains links to both Blogebrity and TrojanWire. He’s also posted all over the web, like many of us. Tony Pierce linked to him back in Oct. 04, and he actually commented on the second ever Blogging.la post. Anyway, the point is that Kyle has been around for a while as a blogger. He is also behind some pretty impressive websites, and he seems to be a longtime fan of Sean Bonner and Tony.

So what is blogebrity? I don’t know. Maybe it started as a simple contest entry and then ballooned into something bigger than Kyle ever imagined, forcing him to scramble to make it all real. The fact is, I don’t really care either way. He got the attention of bloggers everywhere, which is no small feat. Of course, he cunningly played on our collective weakness; our egos.

I encourage everyone to link to Blogebrity. He deserves to win the contest, and the more traffic his site generates, the better his chances. Since I doubt he’s allowed to say anything like this, I’ll say it for him: LINK TO HIM. Surely you can admit that it’s a brilliant idea. Why not reward him for it? If this whole thing continues after June 9th (which I happen to believe it will), all the better for those of us who find ourselves somewhere in the list of lists. If it all goes away on June 9th, so what?

We can still talk about each other on our own blogs.

*UPDATE: Since I wrote this, I learned that this is actually the brainchild of THREE people…

1. Kyle Bunch as mentioned above.
2. Jeremy Hermanns, father of The Gawp Network.
3. Greg Johns, another writer for Gawp.

I’ve also discovered that a company named Pinacol seems to be doing their slick polls on the sidebar. Incidentally, Pinacol has apparently done work for Bunch’s Edge City Chronicles.

So there you go. Sounds like Blogebrity is legit and here to stay.

7 thoughts on “Who is Blogebrity?”

  1. So..is it official now?

    Is blogging now as self-indulgent as “inside the beltway?” … a world unto itself and self sustaining without any need for anything beyond itself?

  2. Heya, by “not real” I mean “no client has paid for it”. Which it does say in the rules is not allowed. Then again, I am referring to another post where that is written much clearer. I guess I can see how it’s not clear enough in this one. Here, let me quote myself from the article you linked to, to clarify: In fact, just look at this list of entries now, anything on there is not a “real” viral in the sense that a company has paid for it. See what I mean now? If they decide to launch a mag later, that’s their right.

  3. Any list that doesn’t include Dooce, Waiterrant, or Clublife is missing the whole point of blogging.

  4. Dabitch-

    I see. Although, the title of your entry was,

    “For the last time people, Blogebrity is not real.”

    You went on to say…

    “Ok, you can all stop emailing me the tips about Blogebrity now. Really, it’s ok. I’m not even going to link it again, when I first saw it it was via the Contagious Media Showdown competition’s ranking page on Friday, and I admit that I did indeed laugh at the idea, even if I didn’t have any reason to believe it was real in any way since it was a contest entry. It’s funny anyway. That’s the beauty of it.”

    That is what led me to believe that you were inferring that the site was a hoax. Forgive me if I misinterpreted.

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