Mad Hot Ballroom is mad cute.

052405madhot.jpgToday, I had a ton of work to do, so when a friend called and asked me to spend the afternoon at a movie, I leapt at the chance to escape from my stressful day. In retrospect, I guess work decisions like this explain my low bank account balance.

I keep hearing people say how much the Arclight rocks, but this was my first time checking it out in person. In the virtually empty theater, it seemed silly that some dude came out to introduce the movie (do they have that at every single show?), but I love that you buy tickets for specific seats.

We went to see Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary that follows several groups of New York City school kids as they compete in a ballroom dancing competition. Little kids doing the merengue and rhumba are about the cutest thing I can imagine…at least, until someone teaches puppies to dance. Since the movie was shot entirely in NYC, I thought it might make me nostalgic, but it didn’t. Tomorrow marks the end of my first year in L.A. and I’m as happy here as ever.

3 thoughts on “Mad Hot Ballroom is mad cute.”

  1. Arclight is the best thing to ever happen to movies in LA. That the ushers come out and tell people to be quiet is wonderful. I’m a little surtprised that anyone would have just discovered this place, but I guess some transplanted NYCers aren’t all that adventurous.
    Mad Hot is cute but it’s not exactly a groundbreaking doc.

  2. The main reason I hadn’t been to the Arclight yet is just that it’s not very close to a subway stop. But now that I know I like it, I’ll make more of an effort to go back.

    I agree that Mad Hot wasn’t life-changing, but it was a nice little movie.

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