Sorry, Wrong Number

Last night, after I went to bed, the phone rang. That means one of two things, someone has died or someone has dialed the wrong number. The Man was off working in Orange County, so I dread phone calls in the middle of the night.

It was a computer (no, not Antonio Villagiarosa, his computer left me a message on Monday) and it was speaking in Spanish.

As near as I can figure out (I understand Spanish, but I was sleepy, and it’s the next morning, so my memory isn’t as good) it was a collect call from Costa Mesa from Carlos. The computerized operator told me that she was calling from DSS (or something like that) and I was told that if I wanted to speak to Carlos I should press cinco and then it told me that it was a collect call again and if I accepted I should press ocho.

I hung up.

Then Carlos called again. This time I kept trying to press cero, because I did not want him to keep calling me all night. That did no good, so I hung up and waited for the phone to ring again, rerunning the translation in my head to make sure I didn’t hang up on a call that was actually for me. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’d say that my wrong number ratio lately is about one for every right number. Does that mean that I need to get more calls from people who intend to call me, or that there are some very confused people out there?

3 thoughts on “Sorry, Wrong Number”

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  2. For years I’ve been receiving a recorded message in Spanish every time this kid that goes to Banning High School (wherever the hell that is – in the 310 area code)skips school. After initially laughing and thinking the kid was smart to scam the school by saying my cell phone number is his parents’ phone, I got sick of it 2 years later and called the school. I was also starting to experience a little guilt because this kid seemed to be skipping an awful lot of school and thinking back on what I was doing every time I skipped school in high school, I started to get worried about him.
    Needless to say the school is either too busy, lazy or technically retarded to figure out who the kid is and to get my phone off their automatic call machine. I think he’s a Senior this year. I received a call that if he didn’t come to take some test, he wouldn’t graduate. Then I received a call a week later saying he didn’t show up to take the test. I called the school again. No luck. Everyone cross your fingers for this kid. If he’s held back, it’s another year of phonecalls for me.

  3. I just got a message @ 11 pm tonight letting me know that my child is being sent home “graduation qualification” materials the week of may 22. I hope this is good news. At least I think that’s what it means in Spanish.

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