Evergreen and Wabash

Cybele asked, are you having a great weekend? Sad to say, thus far my weekend sucks more than traffic on a Monday morning. The fact that the weekend is almost over doesn’t make me feel any better.

The one thing that cheered me up was a phone call from my mom.

Mom: where are you?
Me: the apartment.
Mom: are you still working on your exam?
Me: yeah.
Mom: would you like me to bring you food from el Tepeyac or something?
Me: that would be really nice.

She’ll be here in about an hour with some taquitos con guacamole from El Tepeyac, a Mexican restaurant in Boyle Heights.

Before my mom met my dad, got married, and moved out to the suburbs she lived right around the corner from El Tepeyac on Wabash. My grandparents sold the house in 1988. As retirees, they didn’t need three homes (the other two are in Tijuana and Zacatecas, Mexico).

My mom gave me my first share of a Manuel’s Specials as soon as I could eat solid foods. Whenever my Grandma didn’t feel like cooking, we’d send my Grandpa to El Tepeyac to pick up the giant burrito that would feed the whole family. We never had to worry about finding parking or getting a table because we’d always take the food back to my grandparents house. To this day, I’ve still never eaten indoors at El Tepeyac.

Whenever we go to El Tepeyac, my mom still greets Manuel, the former neighbor that she used to buy burritos from for just a few cents.

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  1. Mmm. El Tepeyac is sooo tasty. I’m glad I live so close to it. The only problem is that if you do want to eat inside, there’s usually a line. Either that, or I haven’t figured out what time of day to go so I can avoid the lines. In any case, it’s always worth the wait.

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