Groceries on my doorstep. I’m lovin’ life.

When people hear I don’t have a car, they sometimes ask if I do my grocery shopping online. Until yesterday I had never tried it, so I usually responded with excuses: Walking to Ralphs is good exercise, I don’t want to pay a delivery fee, and I don’t like the idea of someone else picking out my produce. The other day it occurred to me that I don’t have to order produce online — I can just order all the heavy stuff! I drink more orange juice in a week than the average person probably consumes in a month, so having it delivered is literally a weight off my shoulders.

Yesterday, I placed an order from Vons/Safeway online. It took about an hour by the time I figured out what I wanted and set up an account, which is about how long I would’ve spent walking to the store and back. (The only frustrating part of ordering online was that the box for directions to my house would only take 150 characters. Trying to explain things clearly in as few words as possible felt like a word puzzle.) I ordered a bunch of stuff, and even a few organic bananas to give their produce a chance. I figured I’d have to wait a few days for delivery, but they had a slot available today. Delivery is free for the first order, and after that, it’s $7.95 if you choose a four-hour window, and $9.95 for a two-hour window. For me, that is SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. The website specified that the drivers wouldn’t accept tips, but I figured that was just a suggestion (in my experience, people always accept tips). It was a nice surprise when the friendly driver reiterated the “no tips” rule before I could even offer one.

The order wasn’t perfect, but the only mistake they made was in my favor — the driver pointed out on my receipt that they hadn’t charged me for the organic bananas, because they were out of stock. But when I unpacked the bags later, there they were, marked with a big “organic” sticker. Free bananas! Who says you need a car to be happy in L.A.?

Updates: Will pointed out in the comments that will deliver to Santa Monica and West Hollywood for a $3.99 fee. And they deliver in 30 minutes! How is that even possible? Magic powers?

I didn’t realize that Albertson’s delivers, too. Their site didn’t show me the online shopping option until I typed in my zip code. (thanks, Ronen)

7 thoughts on “Groceries on my doorstep. I’m lovin’ life.”

  1. I’ve used Vons Online a couple times and it’s been decent. I still pine for the old (which was bought up and ruined by WebVan back in the late ’90s).

    For the longest time since HomeGrocer’s website said “coming soon” and after a quick check just now they’re apparently back in business รณ but only with limited service in or around Santa Monica and West Hollywood for a purported $3.99 fee and delivery in 30 minutes. Hopefully they’ll be expaning their coverage area.

  2. I’ve been ordering from VONS for a few years now and find it a great service especially since I have a huge number of stairs to climb to get to the front door from the car.

    recently I’ve started ordering from Albertson’s. their website is easier to order from, and the seem to have a better selection. also is slightly cheaper than VONS.

  3. I was going to also mention for SM and WeHo, but it looks like it and HomeGrocer are just rebranded versions of each other. I like the word Yummy though.

  4. Seriously, you should have returned the bananas, or called Vons and offered to pay for them. Think of the children!

  5. I live in Sherman Oaks and use Store2Door. It looks like they bought Pink Dot. They deliver in Burbank and NOHO. I’ve used them for a year now. They usually deliver in 30-40 minutes and they have the best sandwiches!!! But you can order only over the phone. But sandwiches are sooo goood!!!

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