Are Bloggers Journalists? – Part CCLIX

This is from the E3 Expo site on “How To Register For A Media Pass”

Online Reporters:
Only journalists with commercial news Web sites qualify for E3 2005 media badges. Sites must be previously established and updated regularly with original and current interactive entertainment industry news. Fan sites, personal Web site writers, designers, editors or creators cannot be registered as media.

Funny, they don’t say anything about Metrobloggers.

3 thoughts on “Are Bloggers Journalists? – Part CCLIX”

  1. Yeah, was just thinking about the whole “blogger as journalist” thing the other day.

    Wrote a quick comment on my own blog:
    -When Bloggers Start Reporting, They Are Going to Start to Get Paid-

    See “”

  2. I went last year on a media pass for LAVoice.

    This year the requirements were a whole lot stricter, including one requiring proof of a business license. That’s the one item I didn’t have, but they must have taken last year’s coverage into account.

    Maybe it was the “reporting.” I’m in.

    The real drag is I can’t go until Thursday (in Atlanta on my day job Weds) so any other blogger in town with a pass will scoop me.

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