Shane Nickerson NOT dating Cameron Diaz

The other day I mentioned that shadey gossip rags were poking around for info. Since then they have upped the pokeage. Lots of questions being asked and lots of doors being knocked on. Shane even hinted that something was amis. Since this is going public today we might as well spill it – Here’s the exclusive, ready? contributor Shane Nickerson is NOT dating Cameron Diaz. The key word there being NOT. I know this is contrary to what you might have read on some other parts of the internets. But wait, they have pictures! There’s proof!

See the thing is, Shane has been working with Cameron Diaz on a TV show called Trippin’, so a bunch of photos of them hanging around each other is really shocking since they’ve been working together for a year. This is about as valid as a story claiming that Wil and I dating since we’ve been seen together at various taco shops in the downtown area. Anyway, Shane just posted his full side of the story to clear up any confusion. However, if you have any hot tips of people who must be dating since they were in the same room together in public, I’m sure Lee Hannon at the National Enquirer would love to hear about it, you can reach him at [email protected] or on his cell phone (310) 339 2835.

UPDATE: OK, I might have to eat my words on this one. I just uncovered the photo to the right and that’s some pretty convicing proof. Word is this was taken by close personal friends and that there’s several hundred more where this one came from. Sorry everyone, as you can see it’s clearly true. I should have done more research before opening my mouth – Shane, you lucky bastard! Gossip Rags take note – All of these photos are in my control I’m willing to part with them for the rock bottom price of $5,500 each, interested parties please get in touch.

UPDATE 2: FishBowlLA just posted a scan of the photos in The National Enquirer and says they indicate a “63% chance of romantic embrace.” 63?! He’s holding his keys and some paperwork in his hand for crying out loud, real romantic. My photos are way more convincing. Defamer has the photos too and calls them “wildly inconclusive.”

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