Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

clubaiga_mtnbar.jpgWe were down at Mountain Bar in Chinatown on Saturday for my birthday. It’s a great space. Really red. And they were nice enough to let my party share the upstairs room with a gallery opening after-party. The bar opens on Gin Ling Way which I guess is another name for the Chinatown pedestrian area off Hill that features a charming wishing well, though the charm is significantly mitigated by the nighttime security fencing and the presence of maintenance workers sweeping it for change (charity or profit?) The fact that the neighboring shops are closed at night and the space is blocked to traffic allows the bar to let its patrons loiter outside in a de facto courtyard without concern for noise complaints or safety. And what fun to be had on a quartet of children’s coin-op rides. I didn’t really have any complaints from the place while we were there (except perhaps the cigarette smoke upstairs; those hipsters LOVE to smoke indoors), but inside the alluring crimson walls beats a heart as black as nightÖ

At first, I ignored my friendsí muttering about the inattentive bartender. But then I watched as both bartenders busied themselves with their backs turned while one of my typically lesser-ignored friends (read: attractive blonde) waited forever. But the real indicator came at the end of the night when we discovered one open tab had been charged for 37 drinks! Four people had been drinking off one tab, but weíd have never made it off the floor had we consumed 37 drinks. The bartender arbitrarily removed 10 from the total, but according to the cardís owner, that was still about fifteen more than we ordered. The trend continued yesterday when another friend told me the charge to her bank was five dollars more than she signed for. Innocent mistake or standard operating procedure? Has anyone else had problems with this place?

On a more positive note, dinner at the Plum Tree Inn (937 N Hill St) was incredible. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

  1. I’ve never had a problem at the Mountain Bar… with the service or with getting overcharged.

  2. I think Hop Louie (about a 2 second walk from the Mountain Bar, it sounds like) is the best bar in Chinatown. My friend believes it is “Bladerunner”esque, has a great atmosphere and fairly attentive old man bartender.

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