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tonio.jpgI’ve been searching ó yearning even ó for the one example that would illustrate why I am having a difficult time taking either mayoral candidate seriously, and on my way home from work this afternoon I found it in the form of competing campaign signage jimmy2.jpgposted at the vacant southwest corner of Glendale and Silver Lake boulevards. On the left was Tonio’s placard next to a cluster of four for Jim-MAY there on the right (which is perhaps entirely appropriate given their respective political leanings). But then I realized that though so close together they were preaching to two very different choirs.

Whereas Tonio’s sign opts to educate ig’nant non-Latinos with a hooked-on-phonics lesson on the pronunciation of his last name ó “VEE-YA-RAY-GO-SA,” Jim-MAY‘s instead seeks to inspire the local homies by shouting “Viva Hahn!” in subtle red and green above the tagline “Un hombre de su palabra” (A man of his word).

Oh Capital-B BROTHER! Tonio: if we don’t know your name by now, that’s your loss. And Jim-MAY: It’s too late conjuring Mexican revolutionaries on us. I knew Emil Zapata, Emil Zapata was a friend of mine, and you sir are no Emil Zapata (apologies to former Sen. Lloyd Benson Bentsen).

OK, so I didn’t really know him, but I do know that with all this pandering idiocy prevailing only 652 people are going to go to vote next Tuesday. And even though I’ll be one of them I doubt I’ll be ink-a-voting my ballot next to either of their names. At this point it’s a three-way tie for my write-in vote between Xeni jardin, Tony Pierce and Eric Garcetti.

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