I’ve found a new form of self-torture!

dodgeball050905.jpgA while ago I saw a post on Craisglist about a group that plays dodgeball on Monday nights at the North Weddington Rec Center in North Hollywood, about a one minute walk from my house. When I went to check it out last week, the players were a wide range of ages, and there were even a bunch of kids in private school uniforms. It didn’t seem very intimidating, so I decided to go back this week and play. (I’m not normally into organized sports, but since I work at home, I will try just about anything if it gets me out of the house.)

This week, Monday Night Dodgeball was a testosterone freakshow. I heard that a Sunday game had been cancelled for Mother’s Day, so maybe the guys were overflowing with dodgeball energy. The night’s theme was “heavy metal music,” and the organizer joked that it seemed to be making people meaner. Very few girls were playing and at one point I heard a phrase I probably haven’t heard since elementary school: “How come we have to have all the girls on our team?” This was from an adult, and he wasn’t joking. No little kids showed up this week.

My team probably wasn’t very fond of me, because I didn’t get anyone out the whole night. My throws are pitiful, and I’m pretty bad at dodging. I had more fun when I was watching from the bench than when I was playing, but I’ll probably go back next week. I mean, it’s this or Everwood. I’m hoping next week will be friendlier, and maybe I won’t suck so much after a little practice.

Here are a few flickr photos of the action.

And here’s a Craiglist post with more info in case this sounds fun to you.

4 thoughts on “I’ve found a new form of self-torture!”

  1. Can I just say that I’m on a dodgeball team and it kicks ass! I don’t play on the north hollywood circuit, though. That’s funny, circuit. I play in Echo Park at the rec center. It’s super fun, really organized, and there are lots and lots or girls there. There are only a few people who take it way too seriously, but everyone else has a lot of fun. Check out their website for more info. Even the first page is goofy. http://www.dodgeball4ever.com

  2. Cindy, I’ll check that group out once I get a car. Dodgeball is a lot more fun when people aren’t taking it seriously. I’m going to give the North Hollywood circuit (hehe) another chance since it looked more fun last week. I didn’t really have a bad time last night, I was just annoyed that the tough guys intimidated my female friends enough that they stopped playing.

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