Celebrity Sightings

Chicago has their Underpass Mary. Even a couple in Toledo has an Ultrasound Jesus.

I’m guessing the dead are looking over us all over the place, we just need to open our hearts and imaginations to see them.

Last weekend I saw John Lennon watching me rake leaves over at the LAFD’s Extreme Makeover of the World Trade Center Memorial in Los Angeles.

The image was revealed when a tree on the site was removed in the landscape renovations. You can see the original, unretouched image here (I cropped it and compressed it for easier download, but it’s otherwise unchanged).

Do I really believe any of this? No, not really. I was putting this together as a lark, but when I was looking for the photo that I knew existed of John Lennon in the dark, round sunglasses and the long hair, I didn’t even realize that he was wearing the New York City tee.

What would the man who just wanted us to give peace a chance think of 9/11?

And now this quasi-imagined image is staring out from those dark sunglasses at one of the small fragments of the WTC that survived from that city that was his adopted home.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Sightings”

  1. After seeing that Chicago post a while ago, I took a closer look at the underpass I walk under to get to Ralphs. All the stains on my underpass are boring and normal, so I’m jealous of your celebrity stain spotting!

  2. I so see him… but when I squint the smear turns into Howard Stern.

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