PSA: Smoke Detectors

Alkaline9V.jpgI know it might not be terribly cool to post this here, but it’s been on my mind: folks, check your smoke detectors.

About a week ago one of my downstairs smoke detectors started beeping. That means that that battery needs to be replaced. But the beeping is so annoying, I took it off the wall and removed the battery to shut it up and then left the mess sitting on the kitchen counter.

Then I saw this post on Friday at the LAFD Blog about a fire where a 10 year-old girl died in a house fire where the smoke detector upstairs had its battery removed. How incredibly sad it is to hear about things like that.

And how incredibly stupid am I to not replace my battery immediately. Don’t think that things like this are isolated either, any of us can have a housefire at any time. Like this. So my chirping detector is back on the wall where it belongs and I’ve got a stash of batteries and I’m gonna get me a step-stool and make the circuit around the house to replace the rest, whether they need it or not.

One thought on “PSA: Smoke Detectors”

  1. Someone older and wiser than me, told me that I should replace them twice a year, when we change the time for daylight savings. Not that I have done it yet, but it sounds like a good plan.

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