This coming Thursday is pretty significant for a number of reasons. It’s Cinco de Mayo, of course, and it’s also 05.05.05, which is numerically spiffy. However, another reason for the day’s coolness is taking place that evening at the King King club in Hollywood.

hickman.jpg Johnny Hickman is best known as co-founder of the band Cracker (along with his friend David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven). Cracker toured in recent years along with a reunited CVB in a really cool two-for-one alt-music capacity.

Johnny is releasing a solo album — Palmhenge — with some great music on the theme of the Decline of Southern California. The album release party is at King King on Thursday, doors opening at 8, and is liable to be severely entertaining. The Hickmen, Skeeter Truck, the Radio Nationals, and Johnny himself — plus rumored “special guests” — will be playing in various combinations into the night.

Palmhenge is in stores, on iTunes, or at Campstove Records. There are a couple of MP3s available here.