40 Days

I know I’m putting this out last minute, but l wanted to suggest that anyone and everyone who can make it go see a one man show going on at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood. It’s a show put on by one of my favorite poets, Steven Connell, and if it’s anything like his poetry at “the lounge” (every Tuesday night at the fairfax high theater there’s a poetry slam called the lounge, and if you’re lucky you can see him perform there too) it should be amazing. In fact, it was the pick of the week a few weeks ago in the LAWeekly, so if you take their opinion to heart you can bet it will be great. Steven Connell is one of the most passionate, powerful poets I have ever seen, and I have always thought he was so underappreciated, so to see him get his own show is just amazing. The reason l say l’m putting it out late is because this coming week is the last week he will be performing. So go! I promise it will be great. I wish I could tell you how the show is, but I just noticed it in my old LAWeekly, so I don’t know yet, but if you go I can promise you’ll see me there!
The Lillian Theater is located at 1076 Lillian Way in Hollywood.
The show is performed on Tuesday and Wednesday night at 8pm. Admission is $15, and worth every penny.