Doctor help!

So, I’m a healthy young woman in Los Angeles who does have health insurance but because I’m healthy (and busy) I’ve never made an appointment to see a General Physican. Well, I’ve thrown my back out (guess I’m an old lady now) and the pain keeps getting worse. To add insult to injury, I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until May because I would be a first-time patient. Any doctors or doctor recommendations out there willing to treat someone in pain soon?

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  1. try an urgent care location- most work with all major insurance, so you pay your copay and see someone. no 2 week wait. and see a chiropractor- while muscle relaxants and tylenol help a touch, putting things IN alignment feels far better than any little pill.

  2. I was using a doctor over on Hillhurst for a couple of years. Dr. Burton – they even have weekend hours and were always able to fit me in on late notice (like I’d call at 8:30 and they’d say, come over at 9!). There are three different doctors who work out of the practice. All are good. They even have X-ray available on site.

  3. I’ve been pretty happy with the folks at Citizen’s Medical Group (? I think that’s the name), northeast corner of Fountain & La Brea under similar circumstances. First time there I was in and out (including filling out first timers info and with a prescription) of there in less time than I used to spend in the waiting room of the place I used to go to in Beverley Hills.


  4. well…I gotta say that anytime I’ve ever had a back issue (twice in 10 years….) I got acupuncture and it cleared up perfectly. Dr. Victoria Liao in Santa Monic 310-828-7359 a is amazing…My insurance always pays a hefty part of it.

  5. If you don’t mind Pasadena, Budincich Chiropractic on Hill does great work, and they’ve always gotten me in very quickly. Ask for Dr. Venerable, and tell him Mykal Burns sent you.

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