Where are all the LAtino bloggers?

Los Angeles has the highest concentration of Mexicans outside of Mexico City. In addition to a few million Mexicans, there are also thousands of Salvadoran, Guatemalan and other Central Americans in the city. Along with these larger populations are smaller numbers of Latinos from the Caribbean and South America.

Los Angeles has a lot of Latinos. You know this. I know this. We all know this. What I don’t know is anything about Chicana/o and Latina/o bloggers in Los Angeles.

Where’s our voice? Where is our presence in the blogosphere? If we’re underrepresented on the ‘net, as we are in many other areas, what can we attribute it to? Is this even a problem, or am I just not looking hard enough for other Chicana/o and Latina/o bloggers in this city?

I’ve been blogging since 2001. Since then, I’ve always written about issues pertaining to Mexicans, Chicanos, and Latinos as my personal, professional and academic interests fall in that area. For a long time, I wasn’t bothered that most of the blogs I read were written by non-Latinos or Latinos in other cities around California and the US.

This changed as I began to see the greater potential of blogs. Last summer, I had a lot of free time on my hands in between the transition from full time work to full time student status. With little to do at my parent’s house in the suburbs, I began my search on Google. I found a half-dozen blogs by Latinos around the US. Almost all of the Latino bloggers I found resided in Texas or Chicago. Sad to say, I didn’t find many Latino bloggers in LA.

If you’re out there, “di presente!” (say “here!”). I know I’m not the only Chicana writing about life in and around Los Angeles.

14 thoughts on “Where are all the LAtino bloggers?”

  1. Jaime, It takes me a little longer to read in Spanish, but I’m glad to have found your blog.

    Don, why can’t you post in Spanish?

  2. Do you mean blogs that specially address Latino/Chicano issues or just any Los Angeles blogger who is Latino/Chicano?

    If it’s the latter, I would guess maybe a lot of Latino/Chicano bloggers don’t have anything in their personal blogs that would signify they are Latino/Chicano. A lot of personal blogs don’t have anything that would clue a reader in to the author’s heritage/ethnicity, which is true of a lot of my friends’ blogs.

  3. CD, hi! I’m new here so it’s nice to interact with other bloggers in LA (Latino or not).

    Jessica, I primarily mean bloggers who do address Chicano/Latino issues. I know that even if I didn’t try to address something that is considered an Chic/Lat issue, I’d still approach it in a way distinct to my upbringing as a first generation (sorta) Chicana.

    Chimoltrufia, anyone with that name automatically falls into my category of Chic/Lat bloggers.

  4. Well I guess I can post in spanish.

    Aqui estoy , pero no me voy de la gran y bella hermosa peublo de la gente de el puble de los angeles.

    Los queiro mucho


  5. Very cool to find Noti Los Angeles. Of the over 300 blogs listed on San Diego Bloggers, not one is written in Spanish, despite the fact it’s the native language for about a fourth of the city.

  6. I’m a blogger, a sometimes-LA blogger, and a Latina.

    I would second the comment that there are likely many Latino/a bloggers out there who may not blog specifically on the subject of being Latino or Latinos generally.

  7. Your attachment to your dillusional self image may give you a false comfort about your superiority over others is disheartening. The idea that one claims to be a part of a specific race or culture is in itself racist and debasing to humans in general. Don’t be afraid to be a citizen of the cosmos instead of languishing in the filth of lies such as is created by small-minded people full of fear.

  8. well this isnt a latino blog, but I know that on latinoeyes.com you can share comments and opinions with other latinos and get paid money for each questionairre you take. so your actually making a difference among other latinos and companies that want to market directly to latinos.

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