Bubble Watch

Okay, I love great repurposing of existing info. I’m in love with some of flickr‘s great groups like the squaredcircle because they’ve applied it towards a project – like krazydad’s color pickr to make posters.

There was even a great article in the Christian Science Monitor about website spinoffs today (and they really seemed to “get it”).

Today’s great mash-up is not only cool, but useful. Google Maps and Craigslist Real Estate (rentals and sales). The thing needs an awesome name, someone help Paul Rademacher out. Anyway, it’s Google maps with current Craigslist real estate postings right on the map! Seriously – it almost makes me want to go out and buy a house. Westside Rentals is gonna get some serious competition with this.

Found via Om Malik on Broadband (thanks Man!)

UPDATE: I borrowed a screengrab from boingboing.net. The different colored pins note the price range. If you click on one of them, it’ll give you a little call-out box with a synopsis and pics if they have them.

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