Betting on the Star Wars Nerds

OK, there’s officially bets being taken on this. Mack Reed is offering free drinks at Musso & Frank to the person that can guess when Fox will cave and move Star Wars Episode III to Graumans. As I’m of the differing opinion I’m going to offer TWO hot dogs of your choice from Pinks to the person who can correctly guess when the Star Wars Nerds give up this Graumans thing and move over to Arclight. Post your bets in the comments.

Additionally, Mack gives the mass media 12 hours to really jump on this. Since I was interviewed by the National Post about this today, that sounds about right, but just for fun I’m going to say 36 hours – That would be sometime Thursday, but not Wednesday.

UPDATE: No sooner said than… It’s on e! Online. (And yes they actually quote from this site and the comments, yet never mention or link to us.)

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11 thoughts on “Betting on the Star Wars Nerds”

  1. Well I’ll have to take that bet, pilgrim.

    I’ll say NEVER. I’m betting there are at least three SW fans with fathomless patience for the impossible.

  2. What’s “mass media?”

    I could call a couple of friends at some local TV stations… heck there are like 3 of them headquartered just blocks away from this insanity!

  3. Like I said before, Jimmy Kimmel tapes directly across the street from the Chinese. This is like a comedic gold mine if I ever saw one, and it’s fallen right into their collective laps! We’ll see if they actually take advantage of it.

  4. What about hot dogs from Skooby’s? It’s closer to the line and their veggie dogs are awesome.

    Anyway, I agree that they’re never leaving.

  5. As has been mentioned elsewhere, we’re going to keep going as long as there’s a chance the movie will show at the Chinese.

    It’s a bit premature to pack up and leave based on these early reports, especially given the history of similar incidents happening in 1999 and 2002.

  6. “What about hot dogs from Skooby’s? It’s closer to the line and their veggie dogs are awesome.”

    No way, the vegan dogs at Pink’s rock. They’ll make any dog they have with a veggie dog. I like mine topped with onion rings and bbq sauce.

  7. Wait til you see the line I’M starting at the Chinese (regardless of where it’s showing) as soon as they announce the release date of the BORAT movie. Costumes, mustaches, poly-blend suits…this is MY Star Wars. YAGSHEMESH.

  8. Poor Sean not getting his 15 minutes…It hurts, I guess? Hahahahaha. Sean. Well I’m not gonna say it. I’m actually glad that our site was down today so you leeches didn’t have access.

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