So, any news on those Hollywood Surveillance Cameras?

There’s been a kind of ongoing conversation about a slew of LAPD surveillance cameras that have been installed around Hollywood. I’m of the opinion that they don’t make a shred of difference and in fact make us less safe. Not everyone agrees, but that’s where the discussion comes in. Since we’ve been talking about the LAPD today and just to keep that going, I thought I’d point out an interesting article on the subject that addresses some of my concerns. There are some great comments following the article, as well as on Bruce Schneier’s blog where I found the link.

A hypothesis:

1. Human beings are creative and criminals actively try to get around or disable surveillance.

2. Police have limited resources.

3. If cameras are being monitored, police resources are being directed wherever the cameras are being focused. I’m not just talking about time spent by the video-monitor watchers, but where patrol units are sent to respond. By definition, that excludes every other portion of the world where they aren’t looking, which is inevitably SOMEWHERE (or if cameras are everywhere, then you get lapses like in the Atlanta case), so because of (1) above, criminals are inevitably able to adjust to the new environment.

2 thoughts on “So, any news on those Hollywood Surveillance Cameras?”

  1. I have got to say that I look suspicious. You know I don’t look like ryan secrest and even as the town crier , dressed up in uniform , I get nervous in HOllywood blvd , because of the fact I am not a tourist or look like one. I am sure I may be targeted by htose cameras as a suspicious character , if I go down there.

    What I like is the fact that MAcarthur park is cleaner during the day time. SO they are dong fine there. So The cmaeras may wind up following me around instead of the real crinminals, in places like hollywood . ANyone else look suspicious besides myself?

    We are worried down here in Central City East that the cmaeras going up everywhere may send all of that drug trafficking , down here to skid row/ Central City East , even more so than it is happening now. So this community is in the process of engaging in dialogue to see about cameras like those.

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