Johnnie Cochran, 1937-2005

The controversial attorney, defender of the notorious O.J. Simpson, has passed away at his home in Los Angeles according to this story.

His most famous client told CNN: “I loved him as a good Christian man; I look at Johnny as a great Christian. I knew him as that. He was a great guy.”

4 thoughts on “Johnnie Cochran, 1937-2005”

  1. I hope his death was as prolonged and painful as possible. Now if Falwell can kick the bucket they can share a cell in hell together and be bed buddies.

  2. Umm…Michael, a little bitter are we? You know , wishing that a man goes to hell based on ONE case is just sad. Guess who will really be a little hot in the afterlife…

  3. Joy – maybe he’s not talking abot a case? Maybe he’s Johnny’s next door neighbor and had to put up with his constant late night parties?

  4. Joy – I don’t believe in hell but if there was one he’d be there. Bitter? No. Just happy he’s gone. Won’t have to see him or his stupid ties on the news again.

    You think my last comment was heartless? Wait until Jerry Falwell dies!

    Sean – You know, it’s funny. At the time I was living in an illegal warehouse at 7th & Anderson. The Cochrans were looking at the third floor. Maybe we could have been friends!

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