All Crime is Now Illegal

Mayor Jim Hahn decided, apparently sometime last night, that Gangs are bad. Real Bad. And should go away right now. LAVoice says this:

“Now that he’s found himself flat-footed after four years with a paper-thin record of social activism upon which to base a campaign, Mayor Jim Hahn’s feverishly engaging in empty, populist shovel-work:

He’s now declared we need a citywide injunction against gangs. All gangs. All gang activity.

Put aside for a second that 22 such localized injunctions are already being used to quell the worst of the gang activity in South Los Angeles, the Harbor area and east L.A.. – by forbidding them to congregate, carry cellphones, possess spray paint, etc.

It’s really just another pandering, implausible ‘cure-all’ proposal being flung into the mediasphere by a losing incumbent who’s desperate to look busy…”

Ouch. But not unjustified. I’m honestly curious if politicians think that things like this (which is the local equivalent to banning nail clippers on air planes) really makes anyone the least bit safer, or do they just bank on that a few people will be fooled and tell their friends what a great job is being done. It’s all fluff with no tangible result. LA Voice seems to agree, they end with this:

Listen – not to be flip, but aside from the fact that this injunction boondoggle is just a transparent election-season trampoline flip with no real importance – isn’t this about as futile as trying to reverse decades of toxic-waste dumping by declaring a nationwide law against littering?