33 1/3 Books Fundraiser Tonight

Not much time to elaborate on this, but 33 1/3 is a very cool book and gallery collective in Echo Park that’s trying very hard to figure out a way to stay in business after a huge raise in their rent. While I don’t know if I share their opinion about “gentrification” (more on that later), they are a wonderful place and it would be a shame to see them go. They’re holding a legal aid fundraiser tonight at Little Temple. Click on the thumb for full info.

One thought on “33 1/3 Books Fundraiser Tonight”

  1. Since I reckon I’m one of them damnable gentrifiers, I would be more inclined to support them in the fight against the EFFECTS of “gentrification” (such as the increased rent they’re suffering) then in a fight where I’m essentially their enemy.

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