So much for privacy

I’m not going to name names here but one LA Mayoral Candidate who didn’t make it to the run off just sent out a wrap up e-mail to his entire supporters list and didn’t BCC it. 1100+ names and e-mails sent in the clear. Good Times.

Could this be called pulling a Paris?

5 thoughts on “So much for privacy”

  1. Hacked because she was incredibly stupid and used her dogs name as a password. Sending out 1100 names on a political support e-mail not BCC’d is equally stupid. That’s why I didn’t say “this IS pulling a Paris.” Thanks though, butt plug.

  2. “egually stupid” What does that mean? Damn, you are stupid. Perhaps you just pulled a Paris. Retard.

  3. as a former campaign staffer (not of these campaigns, but still) – all i can do is cringe reading this.

    not only is such a boo-boo politically stoopid, but it shows a tech-savvy akin to a turnip. which hurts. a lot.

    kinda like people who reply-to-all when they really shouldn’t. that’s my biggest fear . . .


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