No Dodging The Blues

bloop.jpgThe NFL’s gone into hibernation. I couldn’t care less about L.A.’s arena football team. I’ve never been afflicted with March Madness. There’s no NHL. The Lakers keep managing to find bigger shovels to dig even deeper toward the cellar, and the Clippers relative scrapiness fails to inspire me. In short, there are few reasons for me to pass more than a glance at the sports pages in my morning paper.

And when I do I find a shame-on-them story (registration might be req’d) by Bill Plaschke on Page One of today’s sports section about the Dodgers that’s enough to make me want to tear up the pair of cheapseats tix I already bought for an Independence Day weekend game against the Diamondbacks with fireworks afterwards. No, they didn’t make another bonehead trade. No they aren’t trying to echo the Angels silliness and change their name to the “Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles.” This time they’re not fucking all the fans over, just one: Bill Zeiger who’s been a season ticket holder with the same four seats directly behind the Dodger dugout every year for 43 years.

But see owner Frank McCourt had the stadium reconfigured this off-season. The dugouts have been moved closer to the field to allow room for four new revenue-generating rows of seats that have added behind them. So instead of the thrill of watching yet another so-so season with the dugout roof as his snack table, now Zeiger has been pitched up and away. Of course, the Dodgers said they’d be happy to move him back down front รณ for only $120,000. That’s a 500% premium above the $20K he’d been expecting to pay for the seats owner Walter O’Malley had personally awarded Zeiger after the stadium had been completed in 1962. It’s no surprise he declined such a bullshit offer and will keep his now fifth-row seats. And it’s no surprise to me that the Dodgers don’t give a shit.

One thought on “No Dodging The Blues”

  1. for shame!

    my bled-dodger-blue grandmother is rolling in her grave.

    almost makes me want to boycot farmer john’s – but that might be seen as a slight against St. Vin Scully. equaly unacceptable.

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