7%! w00t!

In case you weren’t aware, Los Angeles kicks mega-blogosphere-ass! L.A. Observed just pointed out that 7 of the Technorati Top 100 blogs are LA Based. Damn, we all rule. Way to go LA Bloggers! I don’t know how that stacks up to other cities but it fully rocks as far as I’m concerned. Those making the list are:

#1 Boing Boing 20,045 links
#12 Little Green Footballs 7,615 links
#14 Wil Wheaton 5,700 links
#28 The Volokh Conspiracy 5,607 links
#39 Hugh Hewitt 4,259 links
#52 The Truth Laid Bare 3,861 links
#93 blogging.la 2,929 links

While it’s certainly flattering that we scrapped in there at #93, it’s stupidly cool that two of our b.la co-bloggers Xeni & Wil came in at the top of that list. 20,045 links to Boing Boing is unstoppable. Wow. Congratulations are due all around.

Kevin gives an honorary mention to #11 Dooce since she used to live in LA, so we think #17 The Doc Searls Weblog deserves one too. Doc lives in Santa Barbara now but still dishes out the love for LA on a regular basis.

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