7 thoughts on “Yikes!”

  1. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, share a few that let’s me know what I’m looking at. A downed motorcycle?

  2. I’m glad it looks like you were in the passenger seat when you took this pic…or you have very long arms.

  3. Sorry, I was pretty tired when I posted that photo last night.

    I was riding shotgun with a friend on the 10 East past Fairfax (or perhaps one or two or three offramps past that) when we saw a lot of brakelights up ahead. I half-joked that we had better see some carnage to make up for the delay, and, well, that is what we saw.

    The motorcycle rider was sitting off to the side under a bridge, and he was sitting, surrounded by two or three drivers who had pulled over. Said rider looked to be okay (it wasn’t like he was lying flat on his back), but we drove by pretty fast so I only got to see what happened for a few seconds. There weren’t any emergency vehicles around, so the accident must’ve happened about five or ten minutes before.

  4. I lost a friend last year because of a freeway spill on the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass on a weekday morning.

    It’s just too dangerous to ride a motorcycle out here.

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