Lead Your Horse (Or Dog, Or Cat) To Water

bota.jpgIt’s not every day you can bring your cats, dogs, horses, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, snakes, fish, birds, tortoises or tarantulas downtown and have Los Angeles Archbishop Roger Mahony splash you and them with some holy water, but you can this Saturday afternoon at Olvera Street, where the annual Blessing of the Animals has been celebrated since 1930.

At 2 p.m., the large number of people and pets assembled somewhat haphazardly in the plaza south of Olvera Street march in a somewhat haphazard procession past Mahony who takes seemingly great delight in flinging drops of holy H2O all over everything in sight. That’s Roger from last year’s ceremony getting set to nail me, my fianc├łe Susan and our Russian tortoise Buster with one flick of the wrist. He’s that good.

4 thoughts on “Lead Your Horse (Or Dog, Or Cat) To Water”

  1. So, having had an unblessed tortise and a blessed tortise, have you noticed any difference between the two?

    BTW – I really love the google ads that come with this post. I really want to buy a cheap reptile.

  2. Well… pre-blessing Buster was a little gassy. But the benediction cleared that right up.

    And yeah, I’m gonna go click over to that Shetland sheep link, post haste!

  3. I here Cardinal Mahoney is an ace with the asperilligum. I’m taking my puppy tomorrow to get blessed or as my siblings say, “to get baptized.”

  4. “Aspergilligan?” Thanks for the term tip, Cindy, but dang… who’da thought they’d choose a name for the holy-water-flinging thing that sounds like a bacterial infection?

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