Thai One On (sorry)

Continuing the south/southeastern Asian festival theme, the Thai Lunar New Year is coming up in April, and there’s going to be a big honkin’ gigantor festival on April 3rd in Thai Town to celebrate. According to this press release:

Also known as the Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year street faire is expected to draw more than 40,000, as L.A. is home to the largest Thai population outside of Thailand. More than 30,000 attended last year’s festival, the first concerted effort by Thai organizations on the West Coast to host an official U.S. Songkran celebration. Among the most popular features of the festival are performances by Thai cultural dancers and musicians, a massive 200-lb. display of “the world’s largest serving of pad thai noodles” in a giant six-foot wok, and the delectable “Taste of Thai Culture” food faire with more than 50 food booths selling savory and authentic dishes representing all four regions of Thailand. Admission at the all-day cultural festival is FREE, with booths offering Thai food, beverages and souvenirs for purchase.

Mmmmmmm…Thai fooooood….

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