Indie 103 now Clear Channel free!

In my second radio related post of the day I’d like to point you to Franklin Avenue where they have the just released news about the future of the station we all love/hate:

As Clear Channel prepares to relinquish sales control of KDLD & KDLE (Indie 103.1)/Los Angeles at the end of the month, the early rumors of a format flip appear to be false. The Entravision-owned station is ending its joint sales agreement with Clear Channel as of April 1 due to FCC regulations, and a memo to advertisers from Radio Division President Jeffrey Liberman declares that Indie will soon have its own sales staff in place with no changes in programming.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to listening to Jonsey’s Jukebox without that bitter Clear Channel aftertaste. Exciting!

5 thoughts on “Indie 103 now Clear Channel free!”

  1. Yes, because clear channel’s ADVERTISING directly influences programming…

    While I dislike Clear Channel as much as the next guy, since the format’s staying the same the biggest worry is their staff being able to sell as well as CC does. Assuming no change in flavor, would you rather have CC selling ads, or the station not exist because it can’t get advertisers?

  2. But by Indie keeping their format, Clear Channel still wins and makes their lousy cent. The purpose of co-sponsoring or whatever you want to call the Clear Channel funding of Indie 103 was to eat away at the ratings of Kroq so that some other suck ass top 40 station can be #1 in the market.

    So I love Indie & Jonesy as well, but realize that just because Clear Channel isn’t working the strings anymore, they still put the puppet together, and its still doing what they want.

    The only way to defeat Clear Channel is to storm the offices, who’s with me?

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