Please Don’t Eat the Babies

Today on my way through Beverly Hills (Wilshire Blvd.) to a doctor’s appointment I passed a bus shelter with an ad on it. I was stopped at a light and I got a pretty good look at it, except for the message, of course.

And I found it freaky.

(Click to the right there for a larger version.)

Without reading the fine print, I’m thinking they’re advocating eating babies. In reality it’s a public service announcement by the Ad Council for their campaign for Infant & Child Nutrition. Reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

I think someone came up with what they thought would look catchy but didn’t think it through. A nutrition label is not the same as a care and feeding label. In fact, I think a more successful version would have something akin to what we get when we buy an article of clothing or a plant.

(On top of that, there are no values put in there, and it says that babies are not a significant source of saturated fat. Jeeze! Babies are all saturated fat!)

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