Justice Served!

Speaking of the 110 Freeway, okay, I realize this has already been linked from L.A. Blogs and L.A. Observed, but Dave is a good friend of mine and his anecdote about dealing with a major ass-clown definitely bears reprinting here (especially since many of my past entries have focused on how retarded many L.A. drivers are). Plus there’s a great payoff:

2005_03_23_iriggs_assclown.jpgbrand new BWM SUV with dealer plates flies up on the left with no blinker on. I’m fuckin amazed that she’s there, but then i realize that she’s on her cell phone. She can’t turn on her blinker, cause she would have to take the phone away from her left ear. I’m figuring that she’s also driving on the shoulder, cause she has no clue that the lane she was in was an exit lane. So this is where it gets funny. She is slowing down, honking, and swerving directly into the side of my car like she’s going to make the lane change into my driver’s side door. She slams on her brakes, (still no signal) swerves and cuts off the guy behind me, drops behind me, gets directly on my rear bumper, and starts to give me the finger.

She makes another quick swerve lane change and gets into the middle lane. She’s pulling up on my right side now, to give me a piece of her mind i believe. What she does not know is that a CHP unit is in the right lane. He’s been there since the 5 freeway interchange. I saw him pull on the freeway there, and i’ve been driving steady at 55 along with the rest of traffic.

She pulls directly next to me. Cell phone still on her left ear. Right hand comes across to give me the finger. At this point i have the camera already snapping shots. She’s so into giving me the finger, that she does not notice the CHP unit drop in behind her and light her up.

3 thoughts on “Justice Served!”

  1. Years ago in DC I have a similarly “instant karma” kind of moment when the guy who’d been angrily sitting on my bumper for several (residential) blocks decided to take advantage of a break in the parked cars to whip around my right side and floor it…..directly into the rear end of another parked car. Asshat. I hope the owners of the parked car got something sweet and shiny out of the deal…

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