How much does a clue cost these days?

I was just skimming our sister site and reading about some planned art installation and this quote from the LA Times stopped me dead in my tracks:

“Frankly, people don’t usually come to our side of town for an art installation,’ Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg (D-Los Angeles) told residents. ‘This time, people will have to cross La Brea and come this way.”

WHA-WHA-WHAT??? To which Caryn responded:

Hmmm…the project is going to be next to Chinatown. Someone want to clue her in the people already cross La Brea to see art?

Chinatown is home to one of the largest clusters of art galleries in all of Los Angeles, and that not including the Brewery or the newly formed ‘Gallery Row’ downtown – Does anyone else find it completely disgusting that a city Assembly person is apparently oblivious to all of this? People don’t cross La Brea for art? Are you serious? Remind me vote for whoever is running against Ms. Goldberg next time around.

One thought on “How much does a clue cost these days?”

  1. Obviously I have not been writing enough cranky posts about chinatown art galleries. I must rectify that.

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