The Power Has Left the Building


How does that song go? “Rain, rain, go away”…

Well at my home it’s never the rain that goes away but always the power. We must have weak power lines on our side of the street because whenever it rains heavily the power goes O-U-T. Ironically enough we didn’t have any power failures during the rains in January or February. I guess March is our unlucky month. So our landlord struck up the generator and we have some power, but we have to use it wisely.

Anyone else out there in the dark?

Update: Our power kicked pack in around 8:15pm. So all-in-all about two hours of no power. Hope it stays this way!

7 thoughts on “The Power Has Left the Building”

  1. Yes. For about two hours – I’m guessing it was a pretty widespread one.

    This is my thing though, people aren’t observing intersections as four way stops. I saw a MetroBus blow through four intersections without so much as slowing down.

    Be careful out there folks.

  2. I was in Trader Joe’s and the power flickered for a bit. I was hoping they would go out and we could have a giant food fight. But no such luck.

  3. There was some flickering of the lights here south of Sunset and east of Silver Lake Blvd., but nothing more.

  4. For what’s worth, our power’s been out in Playa del Rey since 4 p.m. yesterday. Called DWP again this a.m. as it’s still not on. They have no idea what caused it, no idea if they have a crew on it and no idea when it will be restored. Stunningly efficient public relations there.

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