Shake, rattle and roll

I’m in Marina Del Rey and just felt a small earthquake. Anyone else get jolted? By the way, there was a building-rattling thunder clap a while ago. Did I not get the memo that the end of the world is today?

6 thoughts on “Shake, rattle and roll”

  1. Oh we thought it was the air condtioning installers here in Gardena, but they already left due the rain. This makes more sense.

  2. Felt it in Culver City! It’s been an exciting afternoon, with the rain and the lightning and the very Midwestern thunder all followed by the earthquake.

    I’ve felt some ground-shaking thunder before, I figured it was more weather misbehavior. Oh well!

  3. Our office building in Santa Monica felt like a truck hit it, but my friend in Culver City was blissfully unaware. Everyone I IM’ed kept saying, “Earthquake? I felt the thunder…” and gave me a sideways keystroke that implied “you’re insane.” Our crack team of office reporters say it was a 3.4 off the coast of Manhattan Beach.

  4. You can report what you felt and see a real-time map indicating where else and how strongly a Southern California earthquake was felt by visiting:

    In fact, many of us in public safety keep a close eye on these reports. If (and only if) you and your family are safe following an earthquake, you can help clarify an earthquakes potential damage by visiting the site above.


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