Sam Woo getting props

LABlogs points out this LAist post sending some love Sam Woo’s way:

“LAist was unsuspectingly whisked off to the wilds of Alhambra the other day for what was promised to be some of the best Chinese food in the city, taken under wing to Sam Woo BBQ by some folks who swear by this hole-in-the wall place for chowing down on some chow mein.”

I have say it’s damn cool of someone to take everyone who writes for LAist out to eat and just want to put out there if someone is looking for another website full of bloggers to buy dinner for is always interested. As for Sam Woo, some people here have been fans for a long time.

14 thoughts on “Sam Woo getting props”

  1. Apologies if I’m being too picky, but it’s Sam Woo, not Sam Woo’s. It is not a person’s name; I think it means “Three Harmonies” in Cantonese. In Mandarin, it’s pronounced like “San Huh”.

    I’m a little surprised to hear Sam Woo being called a hole-in-the-wall, but I don’t know what the Alhambra restaurant is like. But Sam Woo is a well-established chain, considering they have restaurants in Vegas and Toronto.

  2. “LAist knows there generally isn’t much to be said about Alhambra”. Are they fucking kidding me? Chinese restaurants include the Phoenix Inn, Regent Cafe and Garden Cafe. They have a Hat for great pastrami and Kang Kangs for good cheap food…3 entrees for 4.25 plus rice and soup. Chinese video stores and shady cel phone vendors operate out of Alhambra. Oh man, that post steams me up!

  3. I’m not sure someone took “everyone who writes for LAist” to Sam Woo – I think the writers there always refer to themselves in the third person (“LAist was unsuspectingly whisked off…”).

  4. Anyone who knows anything about food in SoCal knows the best food (not just Chinese food, but any food) is to be found in the Alhambra and San Gabriel areas. Jonathan Gold has my back on this one. Personally, my favorite restaurant is Mei Long Village. Get the dessert soup with the sesame balls.

  5. Dear Mr. Bonner,

    Oren’s confusion is understandable. If you’re going to use an entire post to diss LAist’s little style conceit, you should try to do it in the form of a coherent sentence.

  6. Tom, I actually only used one incoherent sentence to diss the LAist’s little style conceit, the rest of the post is about Sam Woo. The style guide allows up to three incoherent sentences per post so I’m in the clear on this end. But thanks anyway!

  7. I do kind of find it odd how LAist (which is a great site) always uses the “Laist” term when talking about themselves. I find it odd because each post has a byline. Usually if you use the publications name as your own, you don’t use a byline. So that always rankles me even though, for all I know, others do it too. But I don’t think so.

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