Metroblogging Best Of

This is one of those things we’ve been talking about forever and finally buckled down and finished up. If you check out the newly redesigned you’ll see the Best Of section prominently featured. What is the Best Of section? Well, after looking at the traffic we realized that a good portion of the readers for each city site were coming from places outside of those cities. Of course it doesn’t make sense to limit the audience of a site to the people who live in one city, even if that’s who the content is created for, but on the other hand expecting people to read more than 25 blogs a day to find out what is happening all over the world is a little far fetched. That’s why we created the “Best Of” section – by reading one site or subscribing to one RSS feed readers can catch a glimpse of some interesting things happening in many of the metroblogging cities without having to read each site on a daily basis. We’re pretty excited about it and think it will be a great way to encourage people to check out what’s happening in someone else’s corner of the world. Hope you enjoy it!