AT&T vs. Santa Monica?

This is news to me, but maybe some people here have heard about the proposal to put a cell tower on Wilshire and the public backlash about doing just that. Brendon Macaraeg on the Sothern California Wireless Users Group mailing list just said he hear a Santa Monica City Council meeting on KCRW (89.9) that was all about this debate. He said: “AT&T claim they need the tower to improve service in the area. But person after person said they went with their cellphones to the proposed tower site and got clear, strong signals. And supposedly this tower will only serve a radius of 300 feet. But what shocked me most was to hear several citizens say the City of Santa Monica has no records for current cell towers that exist within city limits, and denied access to records for applications to proposed future tower builds.” I’m not about to jump into the ‘should there be a tower there or not’ argument but it does seem a bit strange that the records regarding the towers aren’t available to the public.

One thought on “AT&T vs. Santa Monica?”

  1. Seems like Santa Monica is particularly anti-cell phone, which is fine by me. I’m told they are one of the only cities down here where’s it’s illegal to talk on the phone while driving. That should be illegal EVERYWHERE.

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