It’s not polite to brandish.

So it looks as if LAPD officers will be training in how to deal with folks who have some, ah, mental health issues, prompted (in a timely fashion) by the 1999 shooting death of the homeless woman who was “brandishing” a screwdriver in a threatening manner. NBC 4 story, AP story.

Does brandish in this case mean waving back and forth like you’re hypnotizing a snake? Or like the knife fights in bad 1950s “Fear the Teen Gangs” movies where they toss it back and forth between their hands, occasionally jabbing the empty air? Threateningly. Just wondering.

Of course, one hopes the department’s next agenda item will be training on how to handle cars with backing up issues. You know, some time in 2011.

One thought on “It’s not polite to brandish.”

  1. uhm yes…aaaand i heard on npr that the training would be conducted ONLINE! distance on the job training is wicked effective.

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