Is That Your Final Ans–…uh, Fantasy?


If the following paragraph makes you excited, press START. If it makes you shrug, move the cursor away with your CONTROL PAD. If it gives you the heebie-jeebies, turn the power off, eject the game disk, and insert MADDEN 2005 immediately.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the popularity of the FINAL FANTASY music in America , and I can’t wait for the fans’ reaction to this new show,” said series composer Nobuo Uematsu. “I am especially delighted that my wish to perform in America with my band, The Black Mages, has come true.”


Square Enix has announced a second Los Angeles area music of Final Fantasy concert, called “More Friends,” to be held at the Universal Amphitheatre. If you’re interested at all, you might be wondering when it will be held. No idea, sorry, as neither the above announcement, nor the Planet Gamecube story that linked to it, have a concert date. Tickets, however, go on sale tomorrow.

One thought on “Is That Your Final Ans–…uh, Fantasy?”

  1. Holy crap! I fucking love Nobuo Uematsu! FF7 had the greatest music ever! I had the 4 disk soundtrack shipped to me from Japan back in 95 or 96. I can’t remember.

    Jesus. I wish I had enough free time to spend countless hours on Chocobo breeding again.

    Nerd alert!

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