When Sean was looking for a ride home from San Diego earlier this week, a few people recommended Amtrak. I’m on the Surfliner train for the first time this morning, on my way to meet up with my Mom for a few days in San Diego. It totally lives up to its name — as we passed San Clemente, I saw a bunch of surfers out the window! I have my laptop plugged in and I’m getting online through my cell phone. This is a great way to travel.

Amtrak is probably pricier than driving, but since I don’t have a car yet, that wasn’t an option anyway. My business class ticket was $76 roundtrip, which means I get a reserved seat and free coffee, juice and muffins. It may not be cheap, but at least on the train, I can get lots of work (or, um, blogging) done as I travel. And on a rainy day like today, I’m guessing this comfortable two and a half hour train ride is infinitely preferable to sitting in traffic.

2 thoughts on “Trainblogging”

  1. Just to note, a regular ticket costs half that, and doesn’t include any food. But you still get a plug for your laptop, and the trains are never full (rarely even half full), so you don’t need to worry about a seat. For one person, I think it’s cheaper than driving. For two, it doesn’t make as much sense.

  2. Maybe tickets are typically cheaper, but when I checked, the options were paying $50-something for an unreserved seat, or $76 for a reserved seat. The last time I had an unreserved, normal ticket on Amtrak, the electric outlets weren’t working in that part of the train.

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