Why Lie? He Wants Batteries

I see this guy most mornings lately at the Santa Monica exit from the 101 North. His message is simple, he want money and he wants beer.

But more importantly, what I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that he also wants his tech. I’ve seen him sporting a walkman, and now I’ve seen him on number of occassions with a PDA. I’ve been trying to snap a shot of him using it, but trust me, that’s what he’s holding there.

It’s not like I should think that being a panhandler/recycler makes his life any simpler than mine. Maybe he tracks his recycling take for various streets or maybe he’s writing a book or maybe he’s just playing solitaire.

I guess the big question is if he’s web-enabled. Cuz I’m sure he’d be interested in this thing profiled on gizmodo: a solar powered, pimped out shopping cart. This buggy is complete with GPS, fridge, heater and of course an LCD TV. Sweet, I want one. I wonder if they come in green.

5 thoughts on “Why Lie? He Wants Batteries”

  1. Trying to make a left to go north on Figueroa from 4th Street downtown there was a guy dressed semi-shabby (what would pass for hip in Silver Lake) on the corner talking on a cellphone in one hand while holding a Starbucks cup in the other. He caught me watching him and said “hold on” into the phone before raising the cup up toward me and jangling whatever coins were in it. I declined the opportunity to help him out and he shrugged and went back to his call.

  2. Few weeks ago a guy with an MP3 player asked me for spare change. I suggested he at least hide the player inside his jacket. He thanked me for the advice, concealed the player, and the next guy he asked gave him some change.

    All in all, I’d rather have a home than a MP3 player, cell phone, or PDA…

  3. He was actually living in a tent on the Los Feliz Blvd offramp from the 5 North for several months. About a month ago, I noticed that he wasn’t there anymore. It’s reassuring to know he’s still alive. *shrugs*

  4. I’m pretty sure he’s the same guy I saw on the onramp to the southbound 405 at Wilshire a few months ago. His sign gave me a chuckle. Sounds like he’s investing his beer money to make capital improvements. I’m telling you, this guy is building a brand.

  5. Believe it or not, I’ve talked to this guy at Best Buy in Atwater about a month ago. Not that I wanted to, but I got kinda of forced to listen to him talk about government conspiracies and panhandling in his army fatigue… Very herratic character… He was buying a digital organizer thingie, batteries and I think headphones, and was holding more money than I had in my bank account. I was this close to ask him to go ahead and just pay for my Bambi DVD but his blabber got real annoying and repetitive… Beware of the number 52 folks, appearantly it’s the number the government uses to spy on us!

    Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen him around Atwater for a while, I guess he changed turfs?

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