Regeneration Review by Melissa Goldberg on abLA

Here is another review on abLA but contributing writer Melissa Goldber on the Regeneration: Contemporary Art from China and the US exhibition at Otis’ Ben Matz Gallery.


Regeneration: Contemporary Art from China and the US is a window into the progress of contemporary art in China, but only a few of the 26 artists on view at Otisí Ben Maltz Gallery truly stand out with originality and impact.

The tradition of art making is not a new thing for China. But Chinese artists have become more verbose in the last 30 some years after the end of Maoís communist regime. The show is a survey of 48 contemporary works by artists with foundations in China, specifically Beijing, Shanghai, and Gounghzhou. The exhibition is organized by Dan Mills and Xiaoze Xieówho is also an artist in the exhibitionó and is on display at Ben Maltz through April 23. It was first shown at was Bucknellís Samek Art Gallery in Pennsylvania.

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