4 thoughts on “The Verdict Is In”

  1. How long you been waiting to use that photo? Wait until you see my photo of Michael Jackson!

  2. That photo would have been perfect for either verdict. I hope Nicole Simpson, Bonnie Lee Bakley and Lacey Peterson are ordering up appropriate punishments in hell for these scumbags. I’m tired of deranged past-their-prime celebs murdering the people around them. O.J.’s trial couldn’t have sent a worse message to men with homicidal and/or perverse tendencies.

  3. That’s an awesome photo! And the best part is that psychic that goes on Montel, Sylvia Brown, totally called it months ago! She’s the REAL DEAL! hahahahah! I’m ashamed that I know that.

  4. Eeeeeeek! Our celebrities are attacking us and molesting our children!!! And, yet, they’re so damned arrogant about it. Talk about creating monsters…

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