abLA Armory Report

The tentacles of art.blogging.la reach far and wide. As hoped, we were able to secure our New York art report from our very secret LA sluth with the dish on Greater New York, the Armory, Diva, and Scope.

I have to say some of the freshest work I saw all week was at the Greater New York exhibition at P.S.1. The opening was yesterday and it was an absolute madhouse of people! The exhibition itself was ginormous with over 100 artists from the NY area who have come out on the scene since 2000. It definitely seems like it was P.S.1’s answer to the Whitney Biennial. Some highlights were one of David Ellis’ drum machine installations, a slightly naughty voyeuristic performance by Clifford Owens and very theatrical fairy tale like collages by Min Kim. (this is where my camera died, so use your imagination). Many more to mention, but we’d be here all day. Great exhibition (a few bad apples) but overall much more interesting than the Armory, Scope or Diva.

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