Best Trip to Ralphs Ever

Okay, maybe that title should go to the day the cashier handed me $30 in cash by accident (He mistakenly thought I had asked for cash back from my bank card, but I hadn’t. I didn’t keep it though, because he’s the quickest cashier at my Ralphs, and I didn’t want his drawer to come up $30 short). But today, as I walked into the store, I was accosted by little uniformed girls with cute handmade signs urging me to buy GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Seriously, they blocked my way until I promised to buy some. On the way out, I bought a box of samoas and was surprised to find they were only $4. I was a Girl Scout for a while, like, um… 20 years ago, and I swear they cost $3.50 back then. So $4 is quite the Girl Scout bargain. It’s Friday night, and I have a bottle of wine and a box of samoas. Woohoo!

UPDATE: For those of you on a cookie-quest, I got mine at a table in front of the Ralphs at Ventura and Vineland in Studio City. I just did a search to see if I could find any info about other cookie locations and found this article that says the girls have had a tough time this year because of all the rain, but they’re hoping to make up for it this weekend:

On March 12, the Girl Scouts will be out full force to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of Girl Scouting. Each Scout is aiming to sell 93 boxes of cookies.

8 thoughts on “Best Trip to Ralphs Ever”

  1. NY Times food section had a story on Wednesday about the Girl Scouts organization being criticized by national nutrition groups for not working quickly enough to overhaul their dependence on trans-fat based cookie recipes. (Trans-fats have been identified as extremely bad for ya, a contributing factor in nationwide obesity.) One serving of thin mints, 4 cookies, contains 1 gram of trans-fat. I bought four boxes and I’m thinking of donating three to somebody.

  2. Is it that time of year again? I’ve gotta track down a girl scout. Must have the cookies. “C” is for “cookie,” that’s good enough for me!

  3. Hey , Where are these little entrepenuers at. LIke you said I got to track some down.

    I live Downtown Los ANgeles , can someone point me in the direction of these little people.

    I buy quite a bit of cookies . I of course like the shortbread cookies.

    Anyone , please lte me know. I don’t want to miss out . Gotta have my girlscout cookies.

  4. I think it would be far better if you had a box of wine, but that could be the trailer park girl in me talking.

    Don, I’ve noticed Girl Scouts lately in front of grocery and drugstores, but haven’t seen any downtown yet. Post a comment update if you find any!

  5. Kathleen, a box of wine would’ve been ideal! I recently tried the “wine cube” from Target, but wasn’t very impressed.

  6. the parents hit me up at work, which is fine by me, because nothing is nicer than having a box of somoas in my office.

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