What do you do when your side gives up

So yesterday I surf on over to the Los Angeles GOP webiste to get some right side input into the election and issues. I click on “Candidates” and get…

“Republican Candidates for the November 2, 2004 General Election”

Oh man, this is just sad. I feel so… so… French.

12 thoughts on “What do you do when your side gives up”

  1. Forgive me if I don’t cue the violin music for you, but your party does have most of the nation by the balls right about now. Do they have to have a complete monopoly? We do live in California after all, not Alabama. I think I’ll save my sympathy for badly bruised and beaten Democratic Party. Or better yet, for all of the people, both here and abroad, that will continue to suffer under the current regime.

    And I don’t think I get the French joke. If it’s it’s just yet another attempt at equating the French with weakness or other negative qualities, then I DO get it. And it isn’t funny. Not that I have some love affair with the French or anything, but what is this fixation on the French all the time??!! Pardon me, lemme just get off of this soapbox so I can grab an order of Freedom Fries!

  2. Well, at least if you’re not happy with the state of things in California you know who to blame!

    FYI, I always like a good “bag on the french” line!

    I suckle at the breast of the Libertarian party!

  3. Oh those wacky French, laughing it up now as our heads of state are over there kissing their pastry loving asses for trashing them at opportunistic times. Country bashing is so effective eh?

  4. Well, I’m definiteley no Democrat. In fact, I’m not affiliated with any party (unless of course, there’s an open bar invloved). Hey that’s great idea, I’m going to run for office on the Open Bar ticket. Who’s with me?!

  5. I don’t get it. Are you saying it’s sad because there’s nobody listed? Obviously there were Republican candidates in the ’04 election. It’s probably a technical issue, since the election is long gone. What am I missing?

  6. I was looking for candidate information in the March 8th, 2005 Mayoral election. While it was a nonpartisan election, there were Republican candidates in the race for mayor. If you go to the Los Angeles Democratic party site (http://www.lacdp.org/), there are links to Parks, Villaraigosa, Hertzberg, Alarcon and Hahn as well as positions on issues and other offices. I was surprised that the GOP hadn’t updated their site in four months. Probably too busy drinking Iraqi blood and oil.

  7. Jim – actually Bill Wyatt and Walter Moore were Republican candicated BUT The Republican Party refused to endorse either one of them.

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